Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Invisible Councilor

The Story of the Invisible Councilor
Alison, you gotta run for Council.
It's too much work.
C'mon...we need someone to hold that seat until we can scrape up a real puppet.
It takes too much time.
Look, we'll paint a couple of token signs, you don't have to put your number in the paper, make any speeches, or deal with the public. All you have to do is show up on Election day and shake hands. We'll take care of the rest.
I don't want to give up my free time.
Let's sweeten things. You don't have to show up to any council meetings. OK? Please?
I don't have to go to any meetings?
OK, I'll do it.

And that is how Alison Libbey became the Invisible Councilor.


Anonymous said...


She's the leader of the silent majority!

Elizabeth Prata said...

That's it! The Silent Majority engages with the Invisible Councilor over the high pitched frequencies that only caterpillars hear! Egad!


Anonymous said...

Since she was elected there have been 7 council meetings by my count. How many has she missed?

Elizabeth Prata said...

I have not confirmed this, but my count is 4. At least.

Anonymous said...

Gary Foster, as chair, needs to address this. She either needs to make a commitment or resign for the good of the town. Clearly she's not going to do that on her own, she needs a nudge from above.

Anonymous said...

These are rumours I'd like confirmed. Because all meetings aren't on cable anymore, I'd like confirmation.

She doodled during an entire meeting (workshop I think).

Played computer games and sent emails during a council meeting.

Has missed most on her committee assignments (I also have seen few reports on any).

Doesn't go to public meetings, trainings, or tours of town facilities.

Had no contact info for citizens before or even a few weeks after being elected.

She doesn't get her mail about meeting subjects until the meeting?! I expect our councilors to be better prepared than that if that is true.

Elizabeth Prata said...

I checked online at the town website. The calendar lists 10 Council meetings since Libbey was seated. However, the minutes are up only for June 20 and July 11. Libbey missed July 11. I watched the Sept 19 meeting and she missed that one too. In beteween I think she has missed most, but I sent a query to the Town manager for numerical confirmation of meetings attended/missed.

As to participation in training/tours/other, she does not attend. Just this week, she did not attend the CEDC meeting Wed. night, nor did she choose to participate in Thursday night's Forum.

In my opinion is she is a straw councilor, a warm body holding a seat to prevent others from being elected. In any case, her observable actions since the election have not indicated any interest in fulfilling her duties nor in representing the citizenry to a degree I have not seen since...well, ever, from any other councilor. Even Dick Barter, who traveled a lot, committed himself himself to being there and studying up in preparation. And when the point came when he could not, he stepped aside so another could fulfill the oath. Libbey is a disappointment.

Anonymous said...

Sidebar...When is the meeting of the Downtown plan going to be on cable? I was unable to attend but interested.

Elizabeth Prata said...

There was a lengthy presentation at Tuesday night's council meeting. That was taped and should be replayed. I don't know the replay schedule but you can ask the cable guys when it will be on again, their addresses are below.

There was a Forum Thursday night to which about 25 enthusiastic people came and a lot of information was exchanged. It was held at Spring Meadows and was not taped. Chair of the committee that presented the Forum is Jeanne Adams and she can be reached at 657 3456 or or the council committee liaison Andy Upham at 428 3285 or Thanks for being interested.

Cable guys:

Chair Brad Fogg,

Ryan Peary

Mark Olson