Monday, August 14, 2006

A short history of my life

In between the traveling, I consulted, freelanced, and wrote for Brown University, University of Chicago, The Reading Teacher, and University of Southern Maine.

Me. I always loved the water. Here, I'm 6 and about to go back in the kiddie pool at the Greenwich Club.

I taught in downtown Lewiston, Maine schools. I liked first grade, because I got to teach kids how to read. The photo's not of me. Tom Grimm took it of a Milwaukee 1st grade teacher at story time. I loved storytime.

I took a break from that and went on an Earthwatch dig to Spannocchia, a villa in Tuscany. I discovered a latrine. It was very exciting.

The man who became my husband asked me to sail to the Bahamas with him. I said, "Sure!" Here we are upping anchor in the Carolinas at dawn.

Papallacta, Ecuador, in the Andes. We saw the jungle, the equator, and the Amazon, too. I always liked traveling.

An old VW Westphalia diesel camper van carried me, husband, and Abby The First across the US for three months. The van would go from 0 to 60 in half an hour. Favorite place, West Texas. Rio Grande. Abandoned copper mines. Coyotes. Sierra Madres at sunset.

Publisher, Gray Maine. This is Glenn Close in "The Paper." That was a hard job. Evil Gray news busting is cool, though, and extremely satisfying.

What next? I don't know. I am awaiting instructions from God. Meanwhile, have a margarita.

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Anonymous said...

Elizabeth, you are the epitome of 'living well is the best revenge.' Go for it, grrl!