Sunday, August 27, 2006


A friend and I went to the new Cinemagic theatre in Westbrook to see Little Miss Sunshine. The theatre has 16 screens, all stadium seating, digital sound, some digital projection systems with plush high back rocking seats throughout and fifty foot screens in the largest auditoriums, according to the releases. We got there while the trailers were going and it was crowded so we sat in the very front row. The rocking chairs came in handy, we leaned way back and watched the most wonderful movie unfold.

If you like black comedies, offbeat humor, and independent films, rich with good acting and intelligent scripts, Little Miss Sunshine is for you. We loved it. It's so nice to get out on a summer evening, drive smoothly to a new theatre with the windows open and the air feeling so good, and the best part is that the movie was a hit with us. A nice night all around.

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