Saturday, August 27, 2016

Sunflower patch ahead, but presently, a hard week for some friends

This is one of my favorite photos of Bert. He's nine years old.

He is a good boy. Steady, loving, calm. He is vocal and talks a lot sometimes, and when he does he sounds like a grumpy old man, lol. I call him my lovable gray lump.

This was a good week at school and at home. The weather is holding steady with no rain and drought conditions. And the heat has kept up too, above 90 degrees most days. I'm longing for night temperatures below 70 degrees. I hope that happens soon. Overall, noting to disrupt the cycle of sleep, work, minister, worship, relax...repeat.

In October I'm headed to the Sunflower Patch with a friend where I plan to take photos of the flowers and maybe pick some and also buy a pumpkin. Mmm, autumn is great in Georgia. The last social time I'd scheduled was 10 months ago in December, a photography day trip around the county. Social outings 10 months apart is just the kind of schedule I like. Two times a year is plenty for me. ;)

Though it was a good week, it was also sort of a sort of hard week with prayers and empathy going up for some friends who are experiencing the trauma of a child who'd had a devastating accident and another dealing with a sudden family death. I take comfort in my routine, my home, my job; but we know that ultimately the eternal comfort comes with knowing Jesus. Thankfully those two families do. I pray He ministers to them with His abounding loving care, and I praise him that as of now, for the moment, my time to experience such things is not yet.

Onward with the weekend.

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