Sunday, August 21, 2016

Announcing my new eBook: Encouragement in Grace

I am happy to announce that I have written an eBook which is now for sale at Amazon! It's titled "Encouragement In Grace: Devotions & Inspirations for Christian Women" by Elizabeth Prata. The book is the first in a series of three I've written. The second two, Prophecy In Grace and Discernment In Grace will be in December and in April, respectively.

Jesus saved me, in grace. His grace is sufficient, His grace sustains me, and it's His grace that is so amazing. So I named the series In Grace as a tribute to Him who is grace personified.

I pray the essays in the eBook shine His glory back onto Him.


Cover photo by EPrata, cover design by Liliana McAndrew


Eugenie said...

I'll be picking up a copy as soon as the budget allows!I enjoy your blog and your writing style sinks in well. I don't have a formal diagnosis, but as the mother of a child with autism, I've learned enough to recognize I've got at least one toe in the shallow end of the spectrum. I was wondering if I could email you, I could use some counsel and prayer, if you have time.I appreciate your commentment to the Lord and His Word.

Elizabeth Prata said...

Thank you for your interest in my book! I don't have a formal diagnosis either, just what doctors told my parents in 1968, which was an early, DSMII diagnosis without its own category yet. But my cousin is positively diagnosed on the spectrum, and I've wondered about other family members.

My email is elizabethprata at gmail dot com :)

Grace to You said...

That is wonderful news, Elizabeth! So happy for the way God is using you! I'm headed to Amazon right now to take a look.

Grace to You said...

Quick question: I don't have a Kindle but it looks like I have to have one to read your book - is that right, or do I have another option?

Elizabeth Prata said...

It's an eBook, exclusive to Kindle. But I can send you a .pdf via snail mail or email. :) I had to borrow a Kindle in the first place just to see what eBooks looked and acted like, in order to go ahead with publishing it!