Friday, August 19, 2016

Kindergarten Lunchroom Duty

Lexington KY Principal Gerry Brooks is one hysterical guy. He makes short Youtube/Facebook videos recounting life in a school, and his charming and funny look at school life never fails to hit the funny bone. But this one, THIS clip, got me laughing so hard I watched it three times, holding my belly and wiping tears.

It is the end of our second week of school. I no longer have kindergarten lunchroom duty but I did do it for years. I also to this day work with kindergarteners. I'd been laughing over the funny and random things they say, like today I'd recounted a random kindergartener comment and the other day, a random kindergartener grandma comment. It happens just like Gerry said.

And yes, the Pizza Lunchable is a nightmare. It is for me because I want to be sure and get TO all the kids in time to open all their things so they can have a relaxing lunch with enough time to eat it, AND for the child, who manages never to get the circle holding the sauce and the cheese to their mouth before the cheese falls off and the sauce drips on their inevitably new pants/dress/sweater... And you don't forget their little face of total disappointment when they're tearfully staring at an upside down plopped circle on the floor with tomato sauce splatter radiating out from all around it.

Watch this and laugh.

By the way, the stress eases up after a few months. It's so cute to see the little guys being more independent and eating and talking and being their silly ol' selves. :)


Grace to You said...

I've never had kindergarten lunchroom duty and I thought this was hysterical! If I lived in your neck of the woods* I would totally come volunteer for lunchroom duty. And then go home to my puberty-stricken adolescent and appreciate him more. haha

I miss Southern accents...someone pointed mine out to me today but I miss hearing others'. I'm going to bookmark this and listen to it again when I'm homesick. :)

*I've been reading a lot of Louise Dickinson Rich lately and missing Maine even more...have you ever read her?

Grace to You said...

I'm catching up on comments I've left and just realized that the way I worded the * might have sounded weird...Louise Dickinson Rich wrote a book entitled My Neck of the Woods...that's what made me think of the connection. Stream of consciousness doesn't always make sense, does it? :)