Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Back to School

It has been a good summer but this past Friday it came to a screeching halt, as all the children streamed back inside my elementary school, and we began another school year.
I loved seeing the little kids in their "First Day Best" outfits and hairbows and new backpacks. They are so eager and hopeful, aside from the little ones in Pre-K and K who cry for mama and don't want to let go.
Going from a sedate speed of 2 miles an hour during the restful and leisurely summer to 1000 miles an hour with a million things to do each minute, takes a toll the first few weeks but we all eventually get used to it again.
The school year might have begun but we are still in the throes of a full Georgia summer. The flowers are still blooming and the landscape is still pretty. I took a few shots as I went to the bank this afternoon.

comer 2a

comer 3
Here's a nice shot of some yellow roses from the yard and also some rocks I've collected and enjoy looking at on my picnic table.
yellow roses



Grace to You said...

Best wishes for a very blessed school year!

Elizabeth Prata said...

Thank you so much! This first full week went very well. I really like the kids I'm blessed to work with. It's going ot be a good year I think.

Grace to You said...

I should have added that I love your perspective in the architectural photos.

Kelli Gray said...

Very pretty. You can tell you are an artist by your "eye". Have fun in school this year! I used to love that energy at the first of the school year. Now retired... Ill let you enjoy that and be content listening to the horses as the sun rises. Still get that"first of the year" nervousness though no matter how many years have passed. One of my sisters teaches now and thrives on it. Have fun!