Friday, August 01, 2014

The New Banner

The new photo of is a house in Blanc Sablon, at the border of Labrador. The city of 1200 is at the terminus of a ferry route from Montreal city of Rimouski, to Sept-Iles on the lower north shore of Quebec, to Anticosti Island, back to the Lower North Shore, all the way to iceberg alley and Blanc Sablon. It's far. Here is the full photo. It's a scan of a 35mm photo I took 15 years ago

Selecting a photo for the banner is harder than it looks. I've recently changed the template to light blue so the banner's main color has to match. The photo can't be busy or the title of the blog will not show. It has to be a large enough resolution photo so I can make a banner out of it but not so large it takes forever to load when someone comes to the page. And the layout has to be horizontal.

So anyway here you go.


Grace to You said...

Do you miss New England? (I know this is not NE, but it def looks like it) I miss it terribly - I felt more at home there than anywhere I've ever lived.

I'm hoping if the LORD allows me to have some kind of work to do on Earth during the millennial reign that He'll let me do that work in Maine. :) Or Texas - I suppose even Texas will be wonderful during that time, but I sure can't imagine it at this point. :)

Elizabeth Prata said...

Yes I miss it and no I don't. I miss the ocean a lot, the fog, foghorns, lighthouses, chilly fall nights, a crackling fire, frost, changing leaves, lobster pots, fishing nets drying on the fence. I miss the cool summers by the lake. I guess the landscape, the little church on the mountains, the quad at college and the common in town.

But I don't miss the winters, the people, the suburban sprawl, the subdivisions, and the jeering condescension toward fishermen and farmers.

Anonymous said...

I love your new banners on both blogs. :)

Elizabeth Prata said...

Hi Melissa,

Thanks! I'd mentioned the banner above is from Blanc Sablon, a town at the border of Quebec-Labrador.

The other blog's banner is a Lomo picture (Lomo is a unique kind of camera, I wrote about it here

And the location is Venice Beach, Florida at late afternoon. I always love that moment when the shadows lengthen, and people decide it's time to go home. I hear towels snap as they shake the beach sand off, the metal scrape of lawn chairs being folded...the sand starts to cool off and everything goes quiet- even the children and the gulls.

I thought that moment was captured in the long shadow from the crumbled sand castle, and the dad and son walking off in the distance

Grace to You said...

I miss the Maine coast. It's a shame I live just 5 minutes from a NC beach and most everyone I know would take my place in a heartbeat. :) I love rocks and cliffs and hills and pine trees right up to the water...that's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

I miss loons too. I heard frogs croaking last night and I tried to imagine they were loons instead. It didn't work. :)

And I miss snow!

I didn't know there was condescension towards fisherman and farmers - I did know it was there for southerners, but I was too happy to even mind that. :)

Anonymous said...

I love that moment, too! I grew up going to Cape Hatteras, NC (before it seems like everybody discovered the Outer Banks) and I remember waking up from a nap on the beach and the day had cooled off and there wasn't another soul as far as I could see. Those powerful Atlantic waves crashing. Great memory. Hope you had a nice day with the kids at school!