Friday, August 29, 2014

Long weekend and mason jars

It was a gorgeous morning driving to school today. In the pre-dawn gloaming, there was white mist rising above wooden post fences and green pastures with grazing cows and sheep. Lovely.

I think if you live where there are no large animals you're missing out. I love the cows, sheep, deer, horses, emus, buffalo, donkeys, and goats where I live. They animate the landscape, make it dynamic. Their lively lives on the pastures remind me I'm not the only living thing on this patch of earth. I share it with other beasts.

And the animals are cool. I enjoyed all the cows running to the freshly delivered hay yesterday, they are ungainly but also run with a gait that is almost rhythmic. The donkey foals leaping around on ungainly legs are so cute. The buffalo staring. OK, that last one scares me a bit. But large animals are great and I'm blessed to have them around.

Of the smaller variety, there are plenty of those! Rabbits (a warren next door on the pasture), loads of chipmunks (seem to be getting overrun) skunks (a family lives in the culvert in front of the house), coyotes (occasionally) and foxes, armadilloes (yes, they're in GA), possum, and snakes ('nuff said) all make for a very alive place to live in.

In the USE WHAT YOU HAVE category, I was making poached eggs recently. I never got over the loss of my microwave poacher. I've looked and looked at the Dollar Store and on Amazon for a new one but either they are to fancy or too expensive or too cheaply made (tend to explode the eggs). In using water to poach, I have to remember to put a drop of vinegar in the water so the egg white doesn't pull apart. But what I really want is a ring to put them in while they poach in the water so they stay contained and come out in a nice circle. I looked around and thought and thought- "What do I have for a sturdy metal ring the size of an egg that can withstand heat and be the right height for the pan?" Aha! The mason jar rings that close the mason jar. Voila, it works perfectly. It is just the size of an English muffin. Use what you have! Chances are, you already own or have access to something that will work well or at least approximate the task you need the thing for.

There is no better feeling than coming home with fresh groceries (thank you, payday) and knowing there's fresh produce in the fridge to gorge on for the weekend. Pineapple! Cantaloupe! Peaches! Bananas! I see smoothies in my future!

Unless it is emptying the lunch box and stowing it away for three days! No work...Ahhh, a long weekend. I'm looking forward to it. Are you?


Grace to You said...

Yes! We've had company the last two weeks - just left last night - and our homeschool year starts Tuesday - yikes! I'm so thankful for the extra day to finish preparing for the new year - just wish it was summer a little longer. :)

Elizabeth Prata said...

Wow, two weeks! A long time, but I'm sure it was fun. You have a lot to get ready for in a short time. Have you seen the tv commercial, where there is no sound at first, but the mom turns the corner in the house to enter the laundry room, sees its extreme disarray, and her shoulders just slump? LOL. Then the ad turns to a man in a boring meeting...the ad continues for Disney and a get away from it all vacation. But the mom coming into the laundry room is the truest thing I've ever seen in an ad :)

Have a good homeschooling year!

Kem Blank said...

What a fabulous idea for a poached egg ring. Poached eggs are a favorite for me and this is something I am going to try. Thanks :)

Grace to You said...

Oddly enough, no matter how far behind I am on housework, laundry is the one thing I really stay on top of. I have no idea why, but I'm thankful there's one thing in my life I don't struggle to keep up with! :)