Friday, August 15, 2014

First day of school!

Today was the first day of public school in our county. I help in the kindergarten area, so the kids I see come in young, cute, and scared. Some weren't scared, though. They had taken the opportunity offered last week to come to three days of a mini-kindergarten. This is a new program that helps kids acclimate in advance to be ready for their first day of school. It's called KinderCamp. There are no other students in the building at "KinderCamp" and they spend three hours doing mini-rotations of all the things they will do during regular school day. It's a great program. The kids who participated are used to the school when they come on the first day. The parents are also relieved. And it helps the teachers, we know the children's names on the first day! Most of our kids took part, so that was good.

It's 91 degrees so needless to say I'm exhausted, grungy, hot, and overstimulated. I came home and shut the windows, and turned on the air conditioner. I closed the curtains. I took a looooong shower as cold as I could stand. I ate my Subway sandwich.


Some of the cute things:

I saw one little girl in first grade who I knew last year in kindergarten. She was having lunch. I said,

Hi! How is first grade? Is it hard?
No! It is not hard. I tried it!

Another little kindergartener was waiting to be picked up in car riders line with her older brother.

I said,
"Well, you're going home now. You can tell your mom and dad about your day and all that you learned."
She tugged at her brother and said,
"Guess what? I ate a burger with ketchup on it and I like ketchup now!!

Now for a nap. I've got to put my feet up. Me old dogs are barkin'.


Anonymous said...

Cute. You made me reflect on my day and remember how cute it was when my 4-year-old daughter instantly gave me the tightest hug after I surprised her w a little present--one of those ball-shaped lip balms they sell in the checkout aisles. It smells like "strawberry sorbet" and she was SO excited. I'm glad I sprang for the $3 impulse purchase. She was delighted. My dogs were barkin, too, today! Enjoy your weekend. :)


Anonymous said...

I love your kid stories! Kids are the best. :)