Saturday, September 14, 2013

Insanity is going to the Dollar Store over and over again but expecting different results

The title of this blog essay is an edit on the old definition of insanity. It's attributed to Albert Einstein but its earliest emergence was 1981 in Narcotics Anonymous material.

So, insanely, I went to the Dollar store again on a Saturday. I had written last week in a piece titled "I went to the Dollar Store for TP and garbage bags, and forgot the bags",that I noticed there is often a higher price rung up at the register than was shown on the shelf. I know that food prices have been volatile for a few years now, due to unusual and severe weather, fluctuating fuel prices, and scarcity. I also know that one of the reasons the prices are lower at the Dollar stores is that there are fewer employees and quite often, I'm sure, they don't have time to keep up with price stickers that are increasing each week.

But I can't let the overcharge go, even it it's only a dime or so each time. I showed how the higher prices accumulate from the pocketbook over a year's time.

Now these, I'd pay $2.15 for!
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Dee West (Formerly deedoucette)
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This week it was busy as usual, even busier because there was a festival down the street and people were coming up to get drinks and snacks to listen to the music. I kept an eagle eye on the prices on their small screen they have at the checkout stand for the customer to swipe their card. It's a small screen and shows about four items at a time, and they click by fast. But I did spot one price difference of nearly a dollar. I bought chopped green olives for $1.35 shelf price, and they rang up at $2.15.

I asked, "Why did the olives ring up at $2.15?

The cashier peered into his larger monitor and said "They didn't ring up at $2.15. I see $1.00, .85, $1.69..." and he read off four or five prices of the last items scanned through.

I went "Huh, um, ok" and we continued.

I got to the car with my register tape receipt and I took a good look. And what did I see? "Olives = $2.15." I drove out the lot and shaking my head, decided not to let it go, I circled back and went back in with the olives and the tape.

I said, "Help me understand, I might be reading this wrong but I believe I see olives at $2.15 when the shelf price says it sells at $1.35."

He said "Oh, you meant THOSE olives. I thought you meant the other olives." (I had bought black olives too.)

I said, "Please restore the difference, if you would." It was 82 cents.

The lady behind me, who ironically was behind me at the register originally five minutes ago, had an item in her hand and she said, "That's why I'm here too. You have to watch every penny these days."

And olive the other customers shook their heads and went hmmm. Har har.

Insanity...I will still go to the Dollar store but I will change a variable. Never again on a Saturday. Let's see how that works.


Never Forsaken said...

Yes, you have to be observant.
We ordered propane, locked in the price at $1.99/gal...When delivered one week later we were charged $2.09/ gal.
I called and she promptly corrected the invoice.
So many people depend on the computer to do all the work, and seldom check things themselves.
~God bless~ Lisa

kim @ whitebarnbasics said...

hi! i have actually been wanting to post comments on your other blog but darn if i can! for some reason in the comment section i cannot seem to type anything out! ha ha! such frustration! Anyway, i have always loved and been in such awe of the verses in Rev. 1:12-18. This is a mighty Jesus! and just imagine...John knew the Jesus in the flesh, he was his friend! and now! wow! Jesus, mighty and just and all powerful! i just love to ponder on this!!!

Elizabeth Prata said...

thanks so much kim, for your comment. A few people have had trouble with the spam filter i unfortunately had to put in. Sorry! I'll post it over there for you. I love to ponder His love and His might and His justice, too :)