Sunday, September 01, 2013

"How was your weekend?"

Part of the tree out my front door that I love so much is dead, but I love this weird wood at the end of the dead branch. The birds love it too. They sit there and sing. The markings look like hieroglyphics or carvings on a totem pole. At least in my imagination they do-

My side yard is just a wall of greenery this time of year. It shields the house from the sun. It provides shade, and a windbreak. it's pretty. And it is an all important sound buffer.

Because people wear me out. Noise, emotions, activity, colors on clothes ... it all gets overwhelming.

I wish I was brave enough to say this on Monday when people ask me the inevitable question.

They might get the wrong idea. I really like them, I do.

I spend time & energy  creating a solid buffer between work and home, though. I LOVE work. I LOVE home. The twain shall not meet.

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