Saturday, September 14, 2013

A new mushroom town and a new kitty

In May I posted that with so much rain a mushroom town had sprung up by my favorite tree. They were very cute, pretty button mushrooms. Their arrangement looked artful. I liked them.

We have not had rain, only heat, lately. But a new mushroom town has sprung up. It is not a nice little button-cute town of mushrooms, but an ominous, crowded, ghetto tenement mushroom city. I do not like it.

Speaking of cute, my neighbor has befriended a stray kitten. The kitty howls all night outside my window, runs across the drive way as I enter in, and is crawling with fleas that are taking over her body, the patio and the yard.

My neighbor is of the opinion that since her young daughter is attached already, they will feed the kitten for a while and if it stays it stays and it if goes it goes. That is all well and good, but in our conversation, I forgot to ask two important questions:

1. When are you going to spay the kitten, so I am not left with a new litter of kittens in a few months?

2. When you move, and you are moving soon, are you going to take her with you????????

I have tried valiantly to remain aloof, but kitten cuteness is too impossible to ignore. Today I petted her, despite my horror of bringing in fleas where my own two cats will catch them. She really is a cute thing. I hate her for it.

Just finished attacking a leaf

Attacking a leaf

Thinking about attacking a leaf

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