Monday, March 14, 2011

Funny kid comments

A kid story. A second grade boy telling me a long tale about playing baseball and the throw and the hit and the catch, and all the other kids are listening intently, and the punch line, the ball smashed into his chest, [pointing] "And it made a big circle on my skin!! Right over my heart!" And another 2nd grade boy replied, "well, at least now you know where to put your hand when they say the pledge in the morning." photo from Pete Lawrence in the UK. There is a conjunction of Jupiter and Mercury tonight. Alas, I cannot see it because my new neighbor likes to keep the floodlight on AT 90,000 RETINA BURNING MEGAWATTS. I can see the ants on the driveway concrete, but I cannot see the stars. Anyway, I digress.

I was showing this photo of the planetary conjunction to a kindergartener today. I gestured to the sunset and above it, the dots that are the planets. I said "If you and your mom or dad go outside tonight and look up, you will be able to see the planets of Jupiter and Mercury!" He said, "And the words, too?"

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