Saturday, December 05, 2009

Parade then snack

I had such a nice day today. The weather forecast was predicting a "wintry mix" of snow and rain, so many people were worried that the annual Christmas parade would be canceled or otherwise adversely affected. It is a large parade, and along with the participants there's also a with live nativity, vendors selling boiled peanuts and biscuit sandwiches and donuts, the annual Craft Fair over at the school, the 5K run, and children's choral performances. That's a lot of people who would be affected! But the day's dawned clouds quickly turned to sun. The sunshine warmed the temps a bit and the rain never came.

By 1:00 the day was warm if you stayed out of the wind and if you were in the wind it was still warm-ish. The crowd was relaxed and smiling, the animals at the live nativity were placid, the sun was high and all was well. I took lots and lots of photos, which can be viewed here. After a couple of hours outside and walking and walking, I headed home when the last horse passed by and the parade was officially done.

Mmm, 3:00 and time for a mid-afternoon snack. How about a toasted mini-muffin and a slice of lemon pound cake with fresh blueberries? Hot tea with milk completed the picture. So this is the real me: Formica fifties table oh-so-cute, snack with tea, and laptop. Mmm, life is good.

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Anonymous said...

Indeed it is. Especially when you love the simple pleasures and never take anything for granted. It's snowing up here in Maine, and we sat by the fire in the fireplace, sipping freshly brewed coffee and munching on homemade Finnish coffee bread. Yes life is very good. (Guess who, Elizabeth)