Monday, August 03, 2009

The left is pretty concerned with inaccurate details...

...while they ignore glaring ones. Obama's Certificate of Live Birth had many glaring errors on it, namely the use of the term "African," a term not used in 1961, but Negro was. Or the lack of folds on the paper that had been claimed to be mailed. Or the date "2007" bleeding through and visible. Or the fact that Hawaiian officials said they examined the real birth certificate in 2008, no wait, they destroyed all paper copies in 2001, no wait, we didn't mean that, the paper copies are still here after all. Now Hawaii even refuses to verify the COLB released to the public by Obama and the other one obtained by Wat a mess.

Yet the left claims the document Attorney Orly Taitz uncovered is a fake because at the bottom it says "Republic Of Kenya" dated 2/1964 and the Republic was not declared until 12/1964. Would that they were so attentive to detail on the COLB!

First, Kenya declared independence in 12/1963, not 1964. Second, the area that Obama was likely to have been born was using the term Republic even prior to that, in a long-standing land dispute with Zanzibar that still runs today.

The left's squashing continues to no avail. You ever put your thumb on mercury? It squirts out in another direction. That is what happens to truth, it keeps popping up from different directions when you least expect it.

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