Sunday, August 16, 2009

Last thoughts on a quiet weekend

A gentle summer evening rain is falling, as the sun sets and the hay out back nestles snugly against the treeline. The birdhouse is now devoid of the chicks who had inhabited it, grown and gone, searching for worms at other yards and bigger fields. It is quiet here, the Sunday night train hooting in the distance, close enough to hear its evocative horn but far enough away not to intrude on relaxing thoughts.

The hustle and bustle of the upcoming week is being kept at bay ... for a while yet...until the inevitable occurs and the morning school bell rings, and we're off!

Have a great week everyone.


Anonymous said...

Something everyone should see regarding the health care debate no matter which "side" you are on. One of the largest insurance company former executives is spilling the beans. He is Wendell Potter, former executive with Cigna.

He wrote this:

But this interview with one of the best interviewers ever, Bill Moyers, is really enlightening:

This is huge.

Elizabeth Prata said...

oh, no, bad businesses! Oh, no, bad insurance companies! No one says they ar eperfect. However, Government will never, ever, ever run anything even half as well as private corporations.

Besides, it's moot now. Obama lifted the white flag, he dropped the public option. And the vote is now pushed back till Sept.

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure the only reason they asked for a public option was for leverage. Ask for the sky, then settle for the moon, when what you wanted was the moon all along.

Govt. sponsored cooperatives has been the goal all along. And there is no difference between a govt. sponsored coop and govt. provided care. So, Obama concedes the "public option" and the other side agrees to the public cooperatives and we get what we wanted all along: public health care for all who CHOOSE it.

Look to have this bill passed by the end of the year or early 2010. Long time coming.

Elizabeth Prata said...

I think it will never pass...2010 or any time.

Tina said...

Did everybody see this? The House has passed a resolution stating and confirming in no uncertain terms that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii. It passed 378-0. And, interestingly, all the house Republicans but 20 voted in favor of the resolution. So that's settled.;contentBody

Elizabeth Prata said...

they could pass a resolution saying that elephants are pink, but that don't make it so. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Wonder why the Republicans went along with it?

Tammy said...

One only has to look at Medicaid and Medicare....the post for clunkers...the list could go on and on.

The government cannot run anything with success.....just look at the government itself....trillions in debt..reached the max. Rather than conrol spending they are increasing the maximum debt level for our country.

Somebody has to pay for this.

Louise S. said...

I'm on Medicare and it has been great for me. I never could have afforded the treatment I've received if I had to pay for it. After I pay my bills and buy my medicine, there is very little left from my Social Security check. The only change I would make to Medicare is to put in something that pays for medications or at least lowers the cost so the medicine doesn't eat up all of a person's Social Security check.