Sunday, August 02, 2009

Authentic looking Kenyan birth certificate surfaces

Is this the smoking gun in the birther movement? I remember Obama's grandmother saying he was born in Kenya. Also the Kenyan Ambassador said the same. Many have suspected all along he was. And when Obama released the ridiculous Certificate of Live Birth (COLB) and it had no fold-creases, no mention of attending physician and no seal, it just got surreal that we should accept his eligibility on such flimsy evidence. The COLB was a document anyone could obtain whether you're born in Hawaii or not.

Then today, this surfaces, thanks to Orly Taitz:

Forensic tests are being down now to determine authenticity. Also she has lodged a "Motion for rogatory discovery to authenticate Kenyan Birth Certificate of Barack Hussein Obama and in addition, is looking for help with legalities in Britain. If you go to her site it says it is a malware attack site but that is not true.

The document posted online looks more real than his COLB, it has pertinent information, a raised seal, doctor signature, and creases where it has been folded. All items the COLB lacks.

This should get really, really interesting! I personally believe he is not eligible to serve according to the rules set out in the Constitution, but the Constitutional crisis resulting from this coming to a head will be massive. I fear for our country...


Tina said...

There is a clear clue put on the "document" that it is a forgery.

I wonder if the hoaxster goofed or made sure to include a clue for the more skeptical, less gullible folk.

Have you found it yet?

Someone will have probably already found it by the time you read this. But if you've been to Kenya, and you know your history, you'll see it right away.

Elizabeth Prata said...

And the hoaxster who goofed was the one who created the Certificate of Live Birth at Hawaii, when failing to use the race term "Negro" and using "African" instead. US Gov docs used Negro on all forms until the late 1960s. And the other goof of the quickie hoaxter on the Hawaii COLB is that the date bled through from the back and is plainly seen: 2007. OOPS! LOL.

Hawaii now refuses to verify the one issued by Obama and the one produced by Hmmm, wonder why Hawaii is distancing themselves from the issue? You can see the mistakes for yourself and more here

Elizabeth Prata said...

you are overlooking the obvious in your zeal topronounce this a forgery. Daily Kos overlooked it too, if that is where you're getting this error from.

The document you see is a certified COPY of the original issued in 1961. It states that at the bottom. A birth cert was required by the divorce courts and Ms Dunham filed for divorce from Mr Obama Sr. in 1964, hence the request to Kenya for the copy of her son's birth certificate, to satisfy the court. Kenya gained independence in Dec 1963, not 1964.

Mombasa was part of that new Republic; getting a certified copy for a Mombasa birth in 1964 would require getting it from Kenya.
The Registrar entry of 5 August was likely done at the hospital, which would be staffed on a Saturday. The submittal date was the 9th and the seal was affgixed the 17th - normal work days for the government.

No need for Sherlock Holmes type clues, LOL! It is all quite obvious if you set your agenda aside and look at the facts plainly stated on the document.