Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Trip into Athens

I drove a friend to the hospital to visit her dying daughter. Not exactly the way I had hoped to have an excursion. A sad situation for all.

I'm often caught by this train on Sundays. Nothing to do but take photos of the graffiti on the cars.

Handicapped parking at the emergency entrance. My friend asks me to drive her car, which has the handicapped sticker. She is 84 and suffering from cancer, herself.

Hospitals always seem so stark. What's going on in the interior is bad enough (aside from births and successful life-saving operations) but the exterior is pretty harsh too.

After a few hours in beeping hospital machine-land, I and my friend drove home, once again enjoying the rural aspects of the apartment. This bird skidded the circumference of the feeder while nibbling on the dwindling feed. Mental note: buy more feed.

Lichen on the tree the feeder hangs on. The shape so perfectly mirrors a flower, or a snowflake, doesn't it? And the light green is so pleasing.

Looking out at all that beauty from inside. Ahhh, better than jagged angular lines of hospital building and roaring trains,...and dying daughters.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your friend's child.


Elizabeth Prata said...

thanks Chuck. My friend is 84 and her daughter is 61. They are both too old or too sick to take care of each other. Can you imagine watching your daughter die? Hard, hard.

they are talking hospice for her, not letting her out of the hospital now.

Anonymous said...

Very sad. Will say a prayer for them. You are a good friend.

Tammy said...

Prayers for them both.....and for you...such a good friend.