Thursday, July 30, 2009

Only three more days of summer

School starts Monday for the teachers, Thursday for the kids ...

We are getting heavy bursts of showers for ten minutes, and then the sun comes out and air gets more humid. The puddles vaporize quickly and the steam just rises. Then it clouds over and rain again. Going from the car to the outside immediately fogs up my glasses ... lol, I can't wait for September and cooler weather! But we still need the rain. We have drought though it's been downgraded from extreme to severe, thankfully. Every inch helps.

I plan to do a collage later and then scan it and upload it to a blog entry. I am trying to do something with a subject lighter and more frivolous than I usually do. Also more surreal. This weekend I may try another collage with more paint in it than collage elements.

I'm also trying to finish a book before the hectic school year starts, "The Limehouse Text." I discovered this author I really like, one of the abiding joys of a well-stocked public library. The review starts: "The streets of turn-of-the-century London teem with trouble in this third offering in Thomas' atmospheric series..." Ah, yes, turn of the century London and two well-drawn and interesting characters. You don't find such good writing, characters, and evocative atmosphere these days! I am always happy to find another good author. The books I've read of his so far are easy to read but not so light my brain turns to mush.

I've been missing Thomas Hardy and may turn back to him when I finish Limehouse. Ah, well, time to make brown rice! Have a great evening all.

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