Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Summer's a-going...

What a great day! The sun was partly hidden half the day behind fluffy clouds, which helped the heat index quite a bit. The humidity was lower and there was a breeze. I think the high temp today stayed below 90. This morning it was positively cool so I quickly baked a blueberry cobbler and steamed a bunch of veggies for supper (to have with brown rice and Asian sauce). Then I did the dishes, in hot water, no less!

The pears are ripe so I picked about 30 pounds of those, and about 5 pounds of apples. I also gathered a huge bag of figs. Inside again, I washed them all and the pears will be set to finish ripening at a friend's and the apples, we will prepare for drying on Friday. The figs will be bagged and frozen.

The cobbler came out great, and with the minor exception of accidentally setting my dish cloth on fire and searing my finger on the metal slider all went well. LOL, I am really a domestic disaster...

Church tonight and then television and reading my new book. A good summer day of one of the last summer days...before SCHOOOOOOLLLLLLL!

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