Thursday, May 14, 2009

US swine flu cases going parabolic

From CDC site:
The fact that novel H1N1 activity can now be monitored through seasonal surveillance systems is an indication that there are higher levels of influenza-like illness in the United States than is normal for this time of year. About half of all influenza viruses being detected are novel H1N1 viruses.

Original map can be viewed large here

4,298 Confirmed and Probable Cases in 47 States
...or 946 more cases in 24 hours.

There were the math models for pandemic spread of flu online when this virus first became public. It showed a slow, but steadily increasing number of infection which got seriously heavy on day 50 and peaked at day 85. By day 120 it's headed back to - but not quite to yet - normal. It is a slow-moving long term event.

At present we are about at day 17 in the whole cycle...

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