Saturday, May 16, 2009

Lucy Highfield or Piltdown Man?

Well, folks sure are abuzz over ProjectX, the secret project/book/documentary/press conference regarding, well, a secret project destines (according to History Channel) to have global impact after which nothing will ever be the same. Ahem. We will see.

I wrote the other day that it may well be an evolution topic, such as the missing link, with possibly author Colin Tudge.

Twitter searches turned up this:
"Colin Tudge is a British science writer specializing "natural history in general, evolution & genetics." He's not a bad fit for #ProjectX"

LOL, the Norman Public Library has a copy on order. It is titled Project X by Lucy Highfield and synopsis is "discoveries in science".

"Lucy Highfield" is code for Leakey's hominid fossil Lucy, found in a high field. Follow it on twitter #ProjectX


Anonymous said...

Watch this:

Elizabeth Prata said...

ohh, hoo good one Anonymous! A photo of the book cover by Colin Tudge. Good score!

Anonymous said...

Thanks :-) I hope its going to be a nice announcement on the 25th