Thursday, May 14, 2009

They think they found the missing link, or something

The latest internet rumor:

History Channel says they will have it. Colin Tudge and Josh Young have written a book called "The Link: Uncovering Our Earliest Ancestor" due to be released on May 20. The History Channel will air a documentary on May 25, with a press conference afterwards. The authors have been sworn to secrecy until that time. Even the ISBN description (ISBN:9780316070089) of the book masks its title and cover art. However, the cover purportedly has a fossilized hand and arm and a skeleton.

The blurb: "Lying inside a high security vault, deep within the heart of one of the world’s leading museums, is a discovery that will change textbooks, change science, and change how we understand the human race. The author of Untitled has been given exclusive access to all of the research and the team of top scientists who have been validating the discovery, the announcement of which will send shock waves around the world. The discovery will be announced at a major press conference followed by a media blitz and a documentary that will air on the History Channel following the press conference."

History Channel commercial:

This ought to be interesting...stay tuned


Elizabeth Prata said...

then again, with all the "UFO" sightings lately, it could be something related to aliens. (sigh. there are no aliens). But rampant speculation of this documentary and this book center around two items, mostly: evolution, and aliens. We will see I guess.

Or it could be an attempt to generate buzz for something that will be scientifically significant and exciting to scientists, but mundane to laymen.

Anonymous said...

probably evidence that man has been here for eons and many civilizations have risen and fallen

MoRtiS NoCTu said...

theres already evidence humans have been around at least 150 million years, human footprints right next to dinosaur prints in a riverbed.
also theres been a map found, drawn in the 1500s, supposedly based on older maps drawn much earlier, which shows the outline on Iceland as it appears underneath the ice that now covers it.
those ancient maps must have been drawn by an advanced civilization, probably before antarctica was covered in ice.
all crazy stuff.
i find the ides in the above comments fascinating as well.

i guess we'll all find out soon enough. i hope they reveal the truth about how long humans have been around, and the truth about aliens and our relationship to them . . .

hopefully in will be something really cool and not something lame, and not something terrible like world government. they did say something about barack obama in that commercial.