Saturday, May 09, 2009

Babka for breakfast

It's always great to have a farmer's market in your town. Mine is only a mile and a half away, a block behind the Post Office and the Dollar Store, the other two popular destinations in Comer.

Even though this is only the second week of this season's market, there were quite a few vendors. The main produce being sold was early lettuce. There were plenty of seedlings, soaps, lotions, baked goods, and jewelry, though.

I was dying for a muffin for breakfast, so that is what I looked for. No muffins but mmm, homemade focaccia with olives, rosemary and tomatoes; and chocolate babka.

As I strolled the aisles under the metal roofed lean-to, a woman vendor played a zither. A man in the back was painting posters on the stage. People chatted, kids drew with chalk on the entry concrete pad, and cars came and went.

Nice hometown. Nice thing to do on a Saturday morning. Now I am enjoying a second cup of coffee, my hometown newspaper, and babka for breakfast.

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