Wednesday, April 25, 2007

"We're corprit!'

I was asked by some volunteers working the upcoming Red Cross Blood Drive to drive around town putting up posters. I said sure.

All the local businesses I went to were friendly and accommodating. Some, who didn't want their windows cluttered with posters, had set aside a special bulletin board adjacent to their front door. One or two said no but were apologetic and courteous. It was going well...until...

I hit the convenience store at the corner. Right away the ladies behind the register knew, because they saw me come in with a poster and some tape. When I approached the register, they turned their backs.

"Excuse me? It's time for the blood drive and we were wondering if we can put up a poster somewhere?"
"No. We don't allow that. You cain't put one up. We don't allow soliciting."
It was the last statement that got me.
"Um, it's for the community blood drive to get blood and save lives?"
"No. We're corprit!"
"So you're not local? You're not a community store?"
"No. We're corprit. The head office is in North Carolina. We are a corporation. So, no!"
"I see. Well, thank you anyway."

I will:
--never get gas there again
--never eat at the sandwich shop inside their store
--never buy one thing from inside that convenience store, no matter how hot it is or how thirsty or hungry I am.

On the adjacent two other corners were two other 'corprit' gas stations with stores inside that had managers who give back to the community that supports them.

Buy local! It matters.


Anonymous said...

Having worked for "Corprit" before I suggest letting the office in NC know. Time that "idyut" to find another job.

Anonymous said...

LOL. In Gray, Maine, it's the Subway that doesn't have any local papers or allow any local stuff.

They like the local money, though!

I'm going to boycott Subway. I already don't go to McDonalds.

Elizabeth Prata said...

Exactly! This particular convenience store had a Subway inside it. The two stores were separate but the reception I got was chilly nonetheless. I am boycotting them, there are plenty of mom and pop sandwich stores on the same block that I can go to...and I will! :)

Anonymous said...

I don't buy gas at Citgo stations. No way is any of my money going to Hugo Chavez.