Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Southern humor

Here in Georgia I cover a local elected board for the local daily newspaper. They meet once a month. There are 4 councilors and a mayor in this tiny town of less than 500.

So the other night they were discussing changing an ordinance to allow them the flexibility to set mileage and food/hotel reimbursement rates by resolution instead of having to change the whole ordinance every time the mileage rates change. They all struggled to remember when the last time was that anyone even went abroad (out of county) and asked to be reimbursed for food or hotel. The Mayor slapped a Councilor’s leg who was sitting next to him, and said:

Mayor: You went to Savannah for that training thing. How much did you pay for food?

Councilor: I don’t remember. Not much.

Mayor: [Winking] I bet you ate steak ev’ry night.

Councilor: No suh. I got the cheapest thing on the menu. Sometimes I just walked by the exhaust fan at Huddle House and inhaled.


GloriaBrame said...

OMG, that is just so Southern - and SO hilarious. At least to Southerners :)

Anonymous said...

4 councilors? That makes majority vote tough sometimes I'll bet.

Elizabeth Prata said...

Very true...I asked about that. The Mayor breaks the tie. So far everything has been unanimous.