Monday, April 09, 2007

John Welch and his trees

John Welch and His Trees

If anyone remembers my own history ten years ago on that same lake and same issue to cut down some trees...(4, not John's requested 14,) you will know why I shake my head and smile. All towns are the same and all issues are the same. Eventually.

Our tree episode brought me at loggerheads with a corrupt Code Enforcment Officer and eventually her dismissal (1997-1999), which sparked me to gather some folks to start a charter revision to better protect taxpaying citizens against bad government (1999-2000), a process through which I learned the town could do with a real newspaper so I started The Monument (2000-2007).

What a long, long, tree-lined road it's been. I wonder how John will react.


Anonymous said...

John Welch will 'act' like he always does...arrogant. Sounds like a little 'pay-back-time' to me! In any event, John just needs to tap into the right Department to get some kind of compromise with his trees! The Forestry Dept. clearly states that trees should be at least 30 feet from a residence...It looks like John's are 3 inches! Sure appears like a safety issue to me.

Anonymous said...

And so you went out on a limb and wood work tirelessly to get to the root of the problem in Gray.

Elizabeth Prata said...

undoubtedly five were deemed a safety hazard, because he was approved for taking that many down.

But not all 14.

Anonymous said...

If it was anyone else..on the lake...he would be in front of council refusing to leave and spewing Proudianisims.