Sunday, March 11, 2007

World's worst pet

I just finished reading John Grogan's book "Marley & Me: Live and love with the world's worst dog". It was a completely charming and wonderful book which for me, captured what life with a dysfunctional pet is like.

Anyone who had ever met Abby I knows what I'm talking about. Difficult from the get-go, at age 6 weeks, Abby I was a terror. Abby I attacked my friend Elaine on the day Abby came home. She attacked my husband, my father, everyone who ever met her. She even attacked the air. She growled, she clawed, she stalked, she refused to be petted. I guess that was the most heartbreaking thing, she hated to be touched.

Kennels would not take her, the vet had to tranquilize her before letting her out of her crate. Once, a burly plumber came and he fled, saying, "I didn't know you had a mountain lion in there!"

She played 'catch the acorn' like Mickey Mantle, she jumped the highest I ever knew a cat could go. She was funny and smart and she waited for me beside the door every time I came in. I guess in her weird way she loved me.

I love her so much and I miss her every day.


christie said...

A friend of mine lent me that book a few months ago. I hesitated to read it because I heard somewhere in the book the pet passed away. I know it is the cycle of life but that isn't necessarily comforting when your pet companion is no longer there to greet you at the door or attack your feet when you're laying on the couch or all of the other annoying but strangely endearing things pets do.

Anonymous said...

Abby 1: it's the unexpected that teaches us about life. It's okay to love something, or someone, that others may consider damaged goods, or not status quo.

Elizabeth Prata said...

The book starts at the beginning with the decision to get a dog and then went to pick him up and ends with the inevitable. Yes, I cried.

Anonymous said...

None of my pets have ever died. I am still trying to find that farm my folks brought all of them to.