Wednesday, March 28, 2007

This week's stories

The editor put the story I wrote about the Gentleman Scribe on the Living section's front page, and I am so thrilled! It was a pleasure interviewing Mr. Moak, his passion for calligraphy and his long-term commitment teaching it to newcomers was inspiring.

Gentleman scribe: Art of calligraphy alive and in Mike Moak

And, he used the hilarious story about the escaped sheep this week too. I can't say enough good about the farmers who helped me learn the situation, especially Jeff Welborn, and also Sgt. JT.

Story: Sheepish herd goes on the lam

And used the cutie-pie photo of a kid getting a haircut on the back page so it was in color. All in all a good week of writing and I am so grateful, because it means sharing good people with more good people.


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Anonymous said...

Good for you!!! Very proud of ya!