Tuesday, January 24, 2017

My almost rare book find

I got some good finds at the Second Time Around store again! In the craft section I found two sweet little stamps that I liked very much, for .75. I'd bought a couple others last month and used them this past weekend. They work good. See?

I tried them out on my 90 lb weight Strathmore paper in the Visual Journal, another find from the same store earlier this year. The paper soaks up quite a lot of material, as I'd also found when using acrylic paints, but the stamps with ink still showed up very well. I'd purposely used little ink, or a lot of ink, or pressed hard, or pressed lightly to see how the paper reacted to the material being added to it. This page will be a background for collage at some point.

Here are the two stamps I'd found today. They are so cute!

I really like the pears.

I also found a Spurgeon Morning & Evening devotional in paperback for .75. A plain blue book with no dust jacket intrigued me and as I opened it I saw that it was a "Room Design" book. The book had luscious pictures of all manner of well-designed spaces. it was $1. I put it in the cart immediately!

Also in the craft section were stickers of a graphic geometric nature, which I decided I'd use as borders for some journaling. The book that got me really excited was Dune by Frank Herbert. I looked at the inside page and the publication date was 1965 and the edition looked like a first! I knew this would be worth some serious money! It was only $1 so I put that in the cart also. I'm always looking for good books for kids with high quality photos of animals and the Snakes book filled the bill. That it was only $1 also was a bonus.

I hurried home and looked up the Dune book online I began to get very excited because 1st edition Dune would sell for between $1,000 and $4,000. Was my ship about to come in?


It was a 'Book Club Edition', albeit a first edition with perfect dust jacket, but the Book Club editions don't sell for nearly as much as the straight first editions. The one I got is still worth between $40 and $60, a pretty good return on $1. IF I decide to go thru the hassle to selling it somewhere.

As I mentioned I did some collage this past weekend, the stamps were one of them. I did another three pages using the camera and phone stamps along with some boats I had which will all be future background pages to a finished collage. I also did this patchwork paint blob on the Strathmore paper which I noticed soaked up the acrylic paint quite a bit. This also will become background for a future piece.

My Fabriano journal was not left untouched last weekend either. That journal is larger and the paper isn't as thick. It is smoother too. Whether you're brushing on paint or glue, the brush will glide more easily over the Fabriano paper than the Strathmore paper. Here is my collage. It's called "Tea Time". (I couldn't resist the camera stamps lol).

I went for a short walk after school and of course I took my camera. Here are a very few pics of the scene. It was a sunny day in the upper 60s and the shadows were getting long by the time I arrived home at 4:30. I love that hour when the shadows are prominent but the light is golden. So of course I made the pics be B&W. LOL.

Have a good rest of the week everyone, even if it isn't as exciting as momentarily mine has been with the ALMOST rare book find!


Lisa Chavez said...

Bottom pic is my fav😊I adore poking around through used books!!! I find some amazing ones for cheap. Got Streams In The Desert devotional and a blank journal, Becoming...I adore filling blank books💜
I do collages as well, and have for many many years. There is so much fascinating ephemera to be found!

Elizabeth Prata said...

You're sooooo speaking my language! Inside of envelopes, old maps, free magazines, any kind of paper, and I'm in! Used books possess the allure of the hunt.