Monday, June 27, 2016

Mid summer update

I made a boo-boo. When I made paste paper on thick cardstock, it was fun. I did a passable job of making some attractive paste paper patterns. When it dries, the combed patterns have heights and valleys, making it even a bit thicker. Then I printed out some verses and pasted them on the back.

When all was said and done, the piece was too think to laminate. Oh, I laminated it all right, but almost right away the laminate peeled off. The paper etc. was too think to have properly sealed and the top layer came off. The plastic is still stuck to the bottom. Oh well, live and learn.

I scooted into town this morning to do a few errands, picked up a very few groceries and tried to get home before the heat hit. Nope. Didn't make it.

I saw the movie Last Holiday with Queen Latifah which was good, if light and slight on the plot, but serviceable for a feel-good movie. I also watched some of  Joyful Noise with Queen Latifah and Dolly Parton but that was a terrible movie. There were a lot of famous people in it (Kris Krostofferson, Jesse L. Martin, Courtney Vance...) so acting was good but the plot was unrealistic and it just was generally unwatchable.

The UK cop show Line of Duty season 3 was out this past March and I binged on the show till the finale. Fortunately UK series only have 6 episodes or I might have just expired from the tension. It isn't a gory show or a bloody show or a sexual show. None of that. It's written in such a way that in genius fashion builds the tension from episode to episode. It really keeps you guessing. I mean, they aren't ashamed to do anything with any character. In one season, early on they threw a major character out a window. One guy who is the worst of the worst corrupt has gotten away with it for two seasons. So it isn't a given that any character you're attached to will or won't make it, or this one or that one might or not be be corrupt ("bent" in UK parlance).

I have also been enjoying the Nextflix presentation of Irish Castles. Not only are the castles gorgeous and the scenery scrumptious but the history they present is done in a seamless but educational way. VERY interesting. I'm trying to hurry up through it because my Netflix is going away in a few days. I canceled it. Though I do occasionally enjoy a documentary, I need to cut expenses and entertainment is the first to go. I really don't use Netflix enough to warrant the monthly bill. I got rid of Hulu a while ago.

We're halfway through summer and it has been a fabulous June so far. One more month and I will be back in the swing at school. August 1. I love summer, and I'm reveling in the 4 more weeks of vacation.

This summer I've been reading theology books as well as novels. I study the Bible, listen to sermons, and write. I am also investigating the world of ePublishing and formatting an eBook. It's not for the fainthearted.

I love that days and days go by and I don't have to talk to anybody or go where it's noisy or get exhausted just by being in public.

Lunch today was salmon salad on a brioche with a thick juicy tomato slice, green salad, dessert of fresh figs with bleu cheese crumbled on. Lemon water. Mmm.

Then, nap.

Some recent pics.

Have a great week everyone.


Grace to You said...

I love the pine bough pic. Is the castle-looking building local?

Elizabeth Prata said...

Thanks! Naw, the tower is in Tuscany.It's called Spannocchia and it's where I stayed when I was on a dig back in 1990

Grace to You said...

An archaeological dig? Do tell!

Elizabeth Prata said...

I went on an Earthwatch expedition. . You "join respected scientists in the field where they’re investigating critical environmental issues. Our volunteers make hands-on contributions to research while experiencing the cultural and natural wonders of places around the globe."

For example, current expeditions might include a choice to participate in an archaeological excavation near Hadrian’s Wall to discover how the Romans lived in northern England.

Or trekking the Pyrenees, cataloging amazing biodiversity of the forests and alpine meadows, and your team will help identify the key species in the ecosystem and how they are changing.

Or track the dolphins in the Adriatic Sea off Slovenia.

It's expensive to go, for example the participant's contribution to the expedition of the Slovenian dolphins would be between $2695-$3175, but this includes accommodations, food, and all related research costs. It does not cover transportation to get there. Plus, you work, Hard, and a lot!

My trip was overseen by scientists from the University of Kansas where we were attempting to dig and date some late medieval structures on Tenuta di Spannocchia a bucolic, 1,100-acre organic farm and vineyard nestled southwest of Siena in Italy's verdant Tuscany region.

I went by myself. I landed in Milan and saw a bit of the city, guided by a friend of my mother's, then traveled to Portofino, Pisa, Florence and then met with the group at Siena, and stayed two more weeks with the expedition.

Grace to You said...

What a fabulous trip that must have been! I had never heard of Earthwatch Institute before, and it was so interesting poking around their website and daydreaming, almost like a mini-vacation in itself. Maybe someday!