Wednesday, June 22, 2016

A Fabriano find

I went to buy some Amish soap at the Second Time Around store and they were out. They called right on the spot and ordered some so I'll look for it when I go back. Meanwhile there was browsing to do!

I bought a bunch of stuff for my teacher's prize box for students. I got two sets of colored pencils and two pair of scissors for my teacher also, plus a long wooden thing like a scrabble tile holder. It has a slot in it to place a white board or chalk board, so we don't have to keep holding it up the whole time while teaching small group at a table. We never have enough hands! Hands-free white board display will be perfect.

I went there not only for the Amish soap but I needed a stencil, an artist's journal, and some tablespoon measuring things for the kitchen. I found those, but the


of the day, lol, was a Fabriano journal. Fabriano is a mill and also a brand of paper in Italy. Fabriano is also the name of the town in Italy where paper has been produced for 800 years. The Italians perfected paper making from the Asians, and also introduced the watermark, since the 1200's in Fabriano Italy. Fabriano paper is very expensive, smooth, easy to work with for artists and painters. The journal was only $2. SCOREEEEEEEE!!!! Here is their blurb:
Very few companies can claim a longer or more distinguished heritage than Fabriano. Dating back to 1264, the Fabriano mill’s fine arts papers were used and highly praised by Michelangelo. Fabrianese paper masters pioneered many of the processes now common in paper manufacture today, including the watermark and the technique of surface sheet gluing using gelatine. In 2002, Fabriano became part of the Fedrigoni Group
And my journal is made by the Fabriano Fedrigoni group. It's authentic, in other words. I'm so excited! I had wanted the stencil to try an art technique using paint and collage, and the journal to try the technique. So I'm tried it today and inaugurated my new Fabriano journal.

This is my art journal and the stencil, plus some line green polka dot tissue paper for collages just because it was there and only 89 cents!

See? Fabriano. For realz.

My collage in the journal was underway. The paper is so smooth the paint spread so easily. Ahhh.

I love thrift stores!


Grace to You said...

I can't believe you found a Fabriano journal for $2!! Did you know about the company before you saw the journal in the store? I didn't know about their long history - that's pretty incredible. We'd love to see your collage pages when they're done!

Elizabeth Prata said...

I had done a lot of bookbinding through the 1990s and took classes and bought supplies.I learned that Fabriano was a great paper then. When I went to Italy I visited Fabriano and saw the original pulp-machines the monks used, etc. So I knew that Fabriano was a quality paper and so I was excited to see the journal in the thrift shop. My collages are not that good, so bad I should not even put them on Fabriano paper! I have a disconnect between what My bran sees and what my hands can do

Elizabeth Prata said...


Anonymous said...

It is amazing what treasures you are able to find in your community's thrift stores!! Those are rewards for being such a giving person, as I am sure the teachers will appreciate your contributions.