Tuesday, June 21, 2016

50 channels and nothing on

TV. What're you going to do?

I'm on vacation for the summer. After a morning of study, an afternoon of chores, and a late afternoon of crafting, cooking, bird watching, or napping, I like to watch TV.

I tried to watch many different shows.

L.A. Law, which was an excellent show that began in 1988 and at least the first two seasons do hold up, which is all I watched. But its all about sex, sex, sex, court, I win, billable hours, sex, sex, I lost, smooch, I love you, smack, I hate you. When it got up to Douglas having an affair with his step-mother 1 Corinthians 5:1 kicked in and I quit.

Murphy Brown was another 1988 series, this one was a comedy. I remember it as being cutting edge and funny. Watching it now, Murphy is just a selfish, complaining harridan. She is really annoying.

New Girl is a new show. I read the reviews and the reviews at Common Sense Media said it was sweet and quirky. It's about some upper 20 somethings of mixed gender inhabiting a loft. The premise is problematic enough, but where LA Law they actually did have copious amounts of sex, in New Girl, it's all talk of sex. Talk of sex, drunk sex, drunk texting, sexting, boobs, sex, talk, dates, hookups, passed out, hoping for sex, drunk again. I really have to stop relying on Common Sense Media.

Odd Mom Out, another new show but after a few episodes it just seemed juvenile & perverted to me. There was always something just a bit off color and I just got sick of it. Cross that one of the list.

No Offence. A British show about cops. I like cop shows but not gore. I'm also leery of any and all British cop shows because they are all slightly odd with sickening story lines. I've had a lot of bad esperiences with them. Not sickening like NCIS, Criminal Minds, or Bones, that's just juvenile immature. But an odd chord of weirdness goes through UK cop stories that are more like Hannibal Lecter kind of sick. And sure enough the very opening scene of No Offence was terrible. Hoping they just did it once for the shock value, I tried to press on, but in short order, another terrible scene and I quickly turned it off. No more UK cop shows for me. I'm done. (New Tricks was the only great UK cop show I've watched. Hilarious! Line of Duty was great, too, I should say, and Foyle's War was great too as was Death in Paradise, but that one wasn't set in London, but in the Caribbean which makes a huge difference!). Broadchurch, Midsomer Murders, Happy Valley, Prime Suspect, Inspector Morse, Wallander, George Gently, been there, done that. Ew.

Where are the genteel shows like BBC's The Detectorists or The Cafe? THOSE were some good shows! Speaking of genteel,

The Great British Bake Off. Another British show and I loved it. I watched the current series on Youtube and enjoyed he light town, the great editing, the educational aspect, all the way through the entire competition...until the finale. That episode was absent from youtube and apparently online anywhere. Wah! I can't tell you how disappointing it was to have committed to these contestants and gone through 11 episodes only to have the final moment denied.

I really love shows like GBBO as the Bake Off is called. It's educational nice, nothing perverted, and it's progressive. I like counting down, I like that it's always the same. I just like it. But quality shows like GBBO are few and far between, and today's comedies and dramas are too corrupted. Shows of old like Murphy Brown and LA Law might be a bit better but in some ways the presentation of the 1980s man as the doormat while the rise of the feminist woman took over is just as depressing to watch. The era of the "Wimpy Man" had begun then and boy did the TV shows reflect it.

I really wish there was something good to watch.

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Grace to You said...

Me too. The only thing I ever watch is movies my husband has recorded that have been edited and that we can fast forward through if we need to. It's pretty much the only way we can watch movies.

I was in a hotel room by myself Wednesday night and I turned the TV on to keep me company. I've never been a big TV viewer and it's been many, many years since I watched anything current. All I could think was, "No wonder our society is such a mess, if this is what people are filling their heads with." It's all pretty sickening.

On an upbeat note, I came home from the conference with almost a dozen Tedd Tripp DVDs to watch. He loves the Lord Jesus and wants people to be as dazzled by the gospel as he is, which is the basis of his ministry to families. Can't wait to watch!