Saturday, December 12, 2015

Surprisingly warm weekend, quiet Saturday, cooking, cat

What a great day! The morning dawned glowing and warm and it only got better. I walked around the yard at dawn taking photos of the beautiful yard and sunrise.

Then my bible reading today took me through Genesis 31 and Martyn Lloyd Jones definitely lived up to his nickname 'Logic On Fire' in his exposition of Acts 5, the judicial killing of Ananias and Sapphira and the church's reaction to it. What a tremendous preacher is was. I listen on but his sermons are all available at

Cooking today (while listening to Hank Williams cowboy yodeling) yielded mango-cantaloupe smoothie, black bean dip with roasted garlic and cilantro, broccoli-mushroom casserole, and Mexican one-pan quinoa chili.

Now relaxing with making photo verses to post through the week and I'm about to watch Interstellar in a moment. The perfect day of unwinding after a terrible week.

My car broke down and it turned out I needed a new radiator. Rats, and right before Christmas too.

My cat that was very sick died last Monday. I was glad I had opportunity to spend a last weekend with him. The photo below was him sitting next to me while I worked at the laptop on his last day of life. He was a cuddle bunny for sure and loving and a perfect cat. The house has been very quiet without him. Luke will be missed.


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Grace to You said...

Oh, Elizabeth, I'm so sorry...I was just thinking about Luke a couple of days ago and hoping he was improving. I can't believe the picture of him was taken his last day...he looks so content and peaceful. Elisabeth Elliot wrote a beautiful and moving piece about the death of her dog can read it here:

The LORD bless and comfort you, my friend.

Elizabeth Prata said...

thank you so much for your consolation. I'll read the Elliot piece tomorrow. Luke and I had a good day together. I think he knew.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry that you lost your friend, Luke. I know how much you love those kitties. You must be the best cat mommy with your warm laptop close by.

Your pictures from the morning are so peaceful. I made the painting of Mary and Joseph with the glowing light around Jesus my screen saver. So beautiful.


Elizabeth Prata said...

Thank you so very much Melissa.