Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Living simply. And tiny.

It is still vacation and it is still raining. I don't believe those two are linked together, but when we return to school Monday if the sun comes out I'll be less sure of that.

A LOT of rain has pushed through today. Temps were warm though, upper 60s
The rain has been wreaking some havoc. We are under a flash flood watch and indeed, the river down at the State Park at Comer has overflowed its banks and inundated the parking lot. Friends who ventured out tell me that Ingles and Kroger parking lots and the road approaching the two grocery stores were flooded with lots of water. I scheduled a trip to the stores on Friday then I remembered Friday is New Year's Day, and the day before that is New Year's Eve. I wouldn't make it till Sat or Sun, I was nearly out of litter as it was.

Ugh, I had to reschedule my weekly airing out and that meant going out today. But the thunder was booming and the rain was pouring so I decided to just go the one mile into Comer to the Dollar Store, and grab a few fresh things at the tiny grocery store next door. (A store I never go into). I'm glad I didn't make the trek even the 8 miles up the the slightly less tiny grocery store I usually shop at because of all the water on the roads. I got soaked just bringing the cart out to the car and walking it back. I always walk it back. I feel guilty leaving an unattended cart in the middle of the parking lot.

I am still having a quiet week. I love it. Right now I've got the Jimmy Buffet station on Pandora and listening to tunes from Buffet, Creedence, Paul Simon, James Taylor, etc.

I have watched a lot of tube. Well I don't own a TV but I watch on the internet on my laptop. I fell in love with The Detectorists, a British slow moving, quiet show about a small group of friends in County Essex who use metal detectors as a hobby to find Saxon gold, or more usually, pop tops and coins. I had mourned the loss of the 2-season BBC show called The Cafe, and The Detectorists is very much like The Cafe. Witty, understated, character driven, quiet, but sentimental and tender. British shows only have a 6 episode season so bingeing through 2 seasons is still only half as long as one American season of a show. I finished The Detectorists a few hours ago and I hope there will be a third season someday, but no one is sure if it is coming back.

I also watched a Doris Day film called That Touch of Mink, which was just OK as far as plot goes and visually stunning but had Audrey Meadows which was the best thing about it. Also the back and forth between Gig Young and Cary Grant was great.

A sweet little movie called Foster AKA Angel in the House was also a pleasant find. Interstellar was OK, I fast forwarded it and read the recap after a while just to get it overwith. Good Ol' Freda the story of the Beatles' secretary was a delight from start to finish. The HGTV show Fixer Upper was a delight too, I watched the entire season over the last ten days. Ingrid Bergman in The Inn of Sixth Happiness (story of missionary Gladys Aylward) got me to order her autobiography, which came today. Maid in Manhattan was terrible but I watched anyway, and Little Boy was terrible too.

And sermons, sermons, sermons. I love the internet.

I played with photos and banked some for my morning posts on Facebook.

This is the time of year a lot of people make resolutions, and one of those sometimes is to simplify lives. I learned a lot about living simply throughout the 1990s when I experimented with it. I had to shed the American materialism instilled in me that more is better, bigger is better, and I downsized my house, my car, my possessions. Here is a link that makes sense on how to start simplifying, if that is something you want to do.

101 Physical Things that Can Be Reduced in Your Home

I agree with these in the article. Especially glassware. I have three kitchen cabinets in my small apartment and two are devoted to food and half the other is devoted to Tupperware and casserole dishes. That leaves one shelf for dishes, glasses, bowls and mugs. It's plenty, believe me. I've possessed and given away more furniture than anyone I know. I have a hard time with not collecting too many books but when I buy one it's with giving it away in mind. If I end up with too many that means I'm not giving away enough. The only ones I'll hang onto are the JMac Commentaries and other commentaries. The Tiny House movement is making headway as is the Tiny Apartment movement too, sometimes called micro-housing. The second link mentions aPodments, which are storage containers made into apartments and when you want to move you load the whole container onto the truck and move to a different city (as long as the receiving aPodment has a vacancy). Live small, you won't hoard or possess. Live big, and you'll feel compelled to fill up all that space.

I'm on the downward slope for back to school. Once January 4 hits, there will be a long haul until the next break. We are technically half way through the year. Wow, hard to believe I've been working as a para-professional for 6 years and working for the Madison County Schools for 8. I'm proud of that. Madison County schools are spectacular and the Board, Superintendent and principals are tremendous.

Oh well no point in thinking about work when I still have 4 more wonderful vacation days to cling to! Happy new Year early everyone.


Grace to You said...

Purging seems to be a constant way of life for us, and yet we don't seem to make any headway on it! I got rid of a great deal of stuff before we moved the end of September - the most I ever have before in a move - and yet the movers told us when they got to the place in the truck where they should have started loading the furniture they still had 50 boxes to load. We are committed to getting rid of 50 boxes worth of stuff, and I've already made a good dent in that, but it seems a never-ending task.

I realized with this move that one area I have a problem in is consumables like groceries and toiletries. I stock up on things because I hate to shop so while I'm at the store I make the most of it so I don't have to go back again for a while. I'm thinking a schedule might help, so if I have a regular day every week to go to the grocery store, maybe I won't feel the need to stock up because I'll know I'm going again in another week. But ugh - going to the grocery store every week? :P

Elizabeth Prata said...

I hear ya on the stocking up. I hate to shop too. I have a set day and I go three times a month. I restrain myself from going in between. Stocking up is good if you have the room (I don't) but maybe not so good if you move a lot.

I go to the small grocery store because I can handle small; it's close to school, I don't overindulge because there's less there to tempt me, and I like to support local business. Someone gave me a GC to Kroger and I'll be going there on Jan 10...and I'm fearful because it's so large. So I went to their website and found a layout of their aisles and they have a gizmo where you type in what you're shopping for and it arranges it by aisle for you. I like to be organized. But when it got to Aisle 36 I literally closed the tab and ran away from the computer. And it wasn't done, MORE than 36 aisles??? NOOOO. My little store has 8. And I only go down 2 of those. I'm dreading Jan 10. But I'm also excited because the gift certificate is a Godsend, Jan 10 is in the middle of a 6-week between paychecks period.

Grace to You said...

It's too bad I'm not in Georgia...we could go together and then maybe it would actually be a little bit fun. :) I had never heard that grocery stores had layouts on their websites...that's so cool! One of the worst parts of moving is having to learn new grocery takes months to remember where things are.

You said something else I had meant to comment on...something about living in larger spaces and feeling the need to fill that space...that's exactly our problem. My husband likes large places...he needs a lot of personal space...but I can't make myself feel comfortable in an empty space. I don't like clutter but I do like a room to be balanced and cozy. He would like to live in a cave and I suppose if there was no light maybe then I could live with the empty spaces. :)

Grace to You said...

I spent some time this weekend reading about Marie Kondo and watched some videos of people putting her method into action, then I spent hours going through 9 boxes of books. I looked at each book individually and asked myself if that book brought me joy, but that didn't work too well because all books bring me joy, unless they're trash. :) Nevertheless, I managed to part ways with more than half of them, and I'm hoping I can whittle that down some more. I now have just 3 shelves of books...I think that's the fewest number I've owned since high school.

Yay me! :)

Elizabeth Prata said...

Wow, good for you! I know how hard it is to cull the book shelves. They all are like old friends. You went thru a lot of books, must have been exhausting making decisions about each one.