Friday, December 11, 2015

Mini-chopper, humus, and upcoming weekend plans

The last few days before Christmas break are tiring and hard. The kids are so wound up anyway. Then on top of that we have a suspended routine. There are last minute tests to administer before the break, the Christmas play, the Polar Express movie and hot chocolate extravaganza, VIC party for the well-behaved kids, Santa coloring pages, craft projects, etc. Long story short, I'm tired.

I got home on a beautiful 65 degree day and walked into my house relieved the weekend was here. The weather has been super these last few weeks! And this weekend supposed to be in the 70s so I'm completely anticipating a nice, relaxing weekend, reading outside.

I had bought a mini-chopper for the express purpose of making dips, humus, etc. I enjoy humus and have no problem making it homemade. However using the blender for that purpose has gotten just too aggravating and frustrating. I don't make huge batches and trying to get the small amount of garbanzo mixture out of the tall blender without getting cut by the sharp blades and NOT leaving half of it behind is just too...

Well anyway I got the mini-chopper. For a one-serving helping of humus it is perfect. I had a plate of humus and carrot sticks with hibiscus chilled tea for a snack when I got home. Yum. That is probably all I'll eat because today was the Annual School Nibbles Buffet. That is not its name, I just made that up. All the teachers, parapros, and staff bring their favorite dish and we lay it out in the teacher's lounge all day and we go back and back to nibble on this and that as we want. I made my oatmeal-banana cookies, and cut up a fresh pineapple. Did you ever notice people always go for fresh fruit? I was at a reception earlier in the week and everyone plowed straight through the fruit platter. I always appreciate fresh fruit at a buffet/event/reception so I cut the pineapple. Only, I cut half of it because I got tired of standing there chopping it up this morning. Yes, I am that person.

I ate some green bean casserole, and some chips and spinach dip, a marvelous petit four, and a tortilla soft wrap pinwheel. I don't know what was in the pinwheel. Something red and something pink. It was good.

Projects for this weekend will be to print out and laminate my arts and crafts Christmas gifts I've made, to rearrange my books (there are three stacks on the coffee table and that is too many not on the shelves), to make cabbage slaw/vegetable soup/bruschetta/something with the tofu, and to nap.

So I'm pleased with the mini-chopper and I am enjoying sitting here with a heating pad on my back, all warm and snug and about to watch some shows. Have a good weekend everyone.


Grace to You said...

Another quiet, peaceful weekend description I can live through vicariously. :)

The only thing I would change is the temp - we're expecting snow all day tomorrow and that suits me just right. If I could just get some peace and quiet and kitties. haha


Elizabeth Prata said...

Enjoy the snow! I turned off my heat yesterday, seeing as it's going to be so warm the next few days. It's so nice to hear the birds and know I can go outside in warmth. Even when the air temp is cold here in north GA the sun's rays are still warm. That is what I didn't like about Maine. One of the things. The sun is there in the sky, for decoration only.

Anonymous said...

That is probably all I'll eat because today was the Annual School Nibbles Buffet. That is not its name, I just made that up.


I enjoy reading your Quiet Life updates. I live vicariously through you, too, like Grace to You. Nice to have a sweet little blog to turn to when the kids are making me nuts. Enjoy your weekend. We're making Christmas cookies.


Elizabeth Prata said...

LOL Melissa, thanks! I hope you thoroughly enjoy making Christmas cookies with the kids That sounds lovely.