Saturday, July 04, 2015

Yes, the yard is still there

With the heat gone (for now) and the rain gone, I took a walk this afternoon around the yard and up the street. It was very quiet here, the town empty, with folks either at the lake to the east or the huge parade and small town event to the west.

The sheep are looking good!

We had some needed and gentle rain for a while this morning. It was welcome. And the birds seemed to enjoy the leftover puddles

The rain sprung up some bouquets of mushrooms, lol. This yard seems to host the most interesting kinds of mushrooms.

The greenery has grown so tremendously. All the trees and bushes seem so much bigger this year. I'm grateful for their beauty and noise buffer. The crepe myrtle are doing well. Quite colorful.

Fence with greenery. It's one of the borders to the sheep pasture.

Is it a cloud? Is it my hair? LOL, it's pretty white. Need sunglasses.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Elizabeth,

I just wanted to say, "Hi." and that I think your photos are lovely,especially those on Monday, July 6, 2015; Scripture photos: a bunch for you .
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I like to relax by looking at the photos there, and your photos remind me of those. I do not do photography so I do not know about their submission process.

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