Friday, July 24, 2015

Bountiful Baskets (may) be back

The Danielsville chapter of Bountiful Baskets gone away due to a lack of volunteer help with administration. I was mightily saddened over that. I'd been picking up my basket (or my friends have for me) in the next closest Georgia site: Athens. However a while ago, all of Georgia was suspended for reasons they stated were truck routing issues.  But now we've received this message from Danielsville Food Co-op (our defunct D'ville chapter):
Great news everyone! It looks like Bountiful Baskets will run in Georgia next week! There is a small catch though! We need everyone's help to show that there is still a demand in Georgia. Our numbers have been low and some other sites have been low as well. We have to get numbers up and tell all of our friends about how awesome baskets are! I don't know about y'all but my food budget has taken a huge hit since baskets have been gone! Get the word out! Start telling friends now and preparing for Monday
And reminder that Athens is our local pickup now.
My grocery bill has taken a huge hit since the Athens site closed, too, and Bountiful Baskets has not been available at all in Georgia. I forget how long it's been but at least two, maybe three months. Food is just so expensive now, and quality fruits and vegetables in abundance is such a treasure, which is what you get with BB.  So I'm posting this in hopes that anyone in Georgia who sees it will order a basket on Monday!!

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Anonymous said...

WOO! Hoping BBs get reinstated in your area for you!!!!!