Friday, May 23, 2014

School's out

It is the last day of school with the kids. Ahhh ... summer, we meet again. Is there anything sweeter than beautiful weather, green pastures, and day after day of peace and privacy? I submit to you that the answer is NO.

The magnolia is blooming. The magnolia is a very tall tree. While it's nice to see the huge blooms in the distance if I crane my neck to look up, it's kind of like the Presidential Christmas tree, you can't see the detail on ornaments way up top. But I noticed one bloom very low, at eye level. I decided to take a picture of it every day and watch its growth, short life, and death. I plan to post them all, in order, when I'm done.

There is going to be a meteor shower tonight that is supposed to be "torrential." It is from a destroyed comet that ran into Jupiter's gravitational field and swerved just enough to swing by us. The debris field is supposed to be heavy so there will be lots of flames in the sky as the debris hits our atmosphere and burns a streak across the clear skies above. Should be pretty.

It's really hot today, 94 degrees. Unusually hot for this time of year. I haven't turned on my AC yet so it is hot inside the apartment, and no air is moving. The cats are laying around with their tongues hanging out.

Tomorrow I'm picking up another basket from Bountiful Baskets. I can't was it. I hope there are berries in it! And tomatoes! And anything else!

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