Saturday, May 03, 2014

Blue potatoes are just so wrong

We're winding down in this school year. In Georgia we go to school from August to May. This year had a later start in August so we'll gt out at the end of May instead of the middle.

I enjoy having a 9-month job where there are school breaks sprinkled throughout the school year and then the summer off. Its pay is a 9-month job, but stretched out via paychecks that are sent out 12 months. It's enough.

If one has the money, one never seems to have the time to enjoy things because they are always working, if one has the time, like me with a school year calendar, one never seems to have the money. LOL. I'll take the time.

The rest of the school year (about 16 days for the children) will be finishing end-of-year testing, the usual academics, but also field day, field trips, ice cream party, school talent show, and the like. In between, of course, we'll keep teaching up to the end. But I do enjoy seeing the kids be able to relax a little. The curriculum is very stringent here. They are always working.

I have no particular plans for the summer, other than to relax and enjoy it. I do plan to read a lot, both non-fiction (theological) books and some fiction. There was to be a new neighbor moving in next door (the other side of the house) but they partly moved in on May 1 and moved out on May 2. So that was that. When the final tenant moves in that will be an adjustment and we'll see how the routine goes.

The other neighbor moved out because as a single, divorced mom she wasn't saving enough money to buy her own house, and moved back in with her father to save a bit. It really does take two incomes these days to make a go of it. It is no easy task starting out these days. I'm glad I'm not.

The storms that rolled through the south have so far drifted north of us to Tennessee and South Carolina, and south of us to South GA and the panhandle of Florida. I can't say I'm sad. But I can't say I'm relieved, either. Tornado season isn't over.

Today I made a pan of roasted potatoes, roasted broccoli, roasted carrots, brownies, and boiled some quinoa for tomorrow's dinner of salmon patties with steamed asparagus on the side. I also cut up a cantaloupe and a few mangoes to make smoothies later.

The potatoes we received in the Bountiful Basket were Adirondack Blue potatoes. Yes, blue. Almost purple. They are a hybrid, made so that they'll have more 'anthocyanins'. Blue potatoes also boost the protein level of the meal. I decided I don't like blue potatoes. I don't like hybrids. They taste just fine. The look weird in a salad. Just give me golden mashed potatoes and I'll take care of the protein content myself, thanks. If I want more anthocyanins I'll eat blueberries.

It's a gorgeous, non-humid, cool but warm day. (Air is cool, sun is warm). With no one living on the other side of the house it is quiet here on the property. The cats are napping. All is well.

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