Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spring tornadoes. And birds

I dread this aspect of spring. Tornadoes. We are supposed to catch the line that is hurtling east through the midwest and south.  They are supposed to hit us here in GA later tonight. I am going to post some bird photos while I can and hope that the power stays on long enough for me to watch Person of Interest later tonight..

We had a mini rumble of a storm earlier and though it lasted a short time, it cleared off the humidity and the hot air admirably. The birds came out in force after that. I went outside and took some photos in the yard.

Bird alighting from my chimney

Daring bird landing near my front step

Bird hanging out near the plant pot

Bird cawing on the fence

Cammo bird. Do you see him on the lawn?

Storm cloud

Patio ornaments

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