Saturday, April 20, 2013

How to relax on a budget

If you are on a budget like I am, you cannot afford wild spending sprees. You can't even afford tiny spending sprees. Heck, you can't even think about spending without danger of going into the red.

But a gal's gotta relax, too, you know?

Yesterday when I got home from school I was tense. It had been a rough week with the necessity of giving a state-mandated test. This freaks out the kids and stresses the teachers and proctors. Even the kids who didn't have to take the test had to pass silently in the hallways and have quiet lunches. But we got through it and Friday after the storms passed by, by the time I got home it was cool and refreshed. I went out into  the yard, not minding my sneakers getting wet, and spent some time in the fresh air and the cool grass. I picked a bunch of flowers and loved every minute of it.

All it takes to relax on a budget is a bit of creativity and prayerful contentment. For example-

I love flowers. If I was rich, I'd have fresh flowers delivered every five days, and a butler to arrange them. Absent that, what I do is this, go into the yard and pick some. Also, go into the field and pick some.

Yard and field, lots of flowers for the picking!


I'm Ikebana bound, very relaxing

Alternately, if you haven't bought yourself any clothes for over a year, you might stop at a yard sale and buy a few tee shirts for a dollar and then relax in one of them.

Maybe you found some beat up old paperbacks at a yard sale or a library sale, for a quarter and bought one or two or three.

But wait, there's more! The most relaxing thing is to sit in the sun, listen to the birds, and read those books in a comfy chair, like this one,

Or this one,


Watch out, though, the sun may make you sleepy. You can always take a relaxing nap! I confess, I learned how to relax from...

 My cats!!

Have a relaxing weekend, everyone :)

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