Saturday, April 27, 2013

Flowers of all kinds

I learned this week that the tall, blue flowers in the field next door are cornflowers. I loved their neon blue color and the star-like shape. When I pick a bunch and put them on my windowsill, their blue color stands out against the white kitchen window curtain.

I love flowers. They figure prominently in my photography and in my life. For example, the lupines of Maine, remind me of the tangy northern Atlantic ocean air and the quiet streets with occasional moose.

The morning glory is a radiant flower, delicate, and present in the world without being aggressive about it.
The sunflower, rose, magnolia and poppy are totally aggressive about their presence, declaring it boldly and standing their ground like flower warriors, lol.

But no matter how large or how small, how delicate or how strong, all flowers are so beautiful. They are like God had sprinkled diamonds all along the world and when you stumble over one, you go "Oh! How wonderful, this gorgeous jewel!"

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