Saturday, December 08, 2012

It's a kind of Farmer's Market Saturday

I am so glad I live in a place where the Farmer's Market goes all the way until the end of December. I am headed out this morning to pick up some winter greens, and blueberry bread, then to the store to buy my Christmas cards, and come home to coffee, warm blueberry bread, and write out my cards.

I love when I come out the front door in the morning there are roosters crowing next door.

I love having only a 10-minute drive to work in the morning, past fields and farms, cows and donkeys.

In the main town of the county, the county seat, there was a meeting as to what to do with the only  intersection where there is the only stoplight. They decided to put in a rotary (called roundabout here). The mayor said, "This is probably the biggest decision Danielsville has made in 50 years," and I think that is wonderful. How great to live in a small town like this! I just love it.

When I go to the store I'm also going to buy ingredients for a green bean casserole. Something about the cooler weather makes me want to roast vegetables and make casseroles. This weekend I want to make the casserole, roast a variety of veggies, bake some Asian-marinated tofu, and maybe make oatmeal-craisin cookies.

The guy next door has put up his Christmas lights. Now the space shuttle can see us, lol. I always love the lengths he will go to decorate his home, and it is certainly colorful when he is finished.

As for my own decorating, I put only a white light in each of my windows. In the bedroom, I hang a sphere studded with white lights. In the living room there is a glass block with white lights inside, with a bow on top. It's pretty. In the kitchen window is a simple white candle. At the front door I hang an angel that lights up white. I leave the other bedroom window bare so that my cat Bert is not bothered, because that is his looking-out-at birds-spot. If I put something there he would likely have a nervous breakdown at the change. Plus, the next door guys' house is that direction and there is no way anyone driving by would be looking at my lights, lol.

It is the Christmas season. Merry Christmas!

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