Saturday, November 24, 2012

End of vacation, almost

I have today and tomorrow left on my lovely week-long vacation. I've really enjoyed being home. The cats have too. They follow me everywhere and cuddle up on cold nights. I've been enjoying the peace and quiet. Today I made a huge batch of ratatouille, and a fresh fruit salad. I'm listening to discernment lessons, doing dishes, reading. My kitties love to have me at home. I am a celebrity, with an adoring fan base of two.

My car is under the weather so I have stayed home all week, except for church and one trip to the Dollar Store to get kitty litter. I have stayed busy by dong the above and also by watching Netflix. I'm not so enamored of the selections on the Netflix instant download, because it seems that every movie I type in is not available on instant download. Instant downer, if you ask me. But there's enough to keep me limping along with non-graphic content that is devoid of commercials.

I am daily getting more sick at watching television. Just the sheer number of commercials is outrageous, but the subject of them is atrocious. In attempting to watch even the most innocuous of shows, a quiet cooking show called Chopped, the ads in between the show segments made me sick. In successive turn, I saw an ad for vaginal mesh, male enhancement for more fun in the bedroom, and a housewife pole dancing around an upright vacuum. I turned the TV off.

Fortunately I have Netflix to watch Frasier, or Andy Griffith, or a fifties movie like Dial M For Murder. Sitting around the house all day watching movies or reading online can't be good for me physically. But it is oh, so good mentally and emotionally. And 2 out of 3 wins.

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