Friday, November 09, 2012

A frosty morning

As I drove to work Thursday morning, we had our first frost. It was just a few days after the time change too, so there was sun glinting off the frost and bouncing off the changed leaves. It was spectacularly beautiful.

I only drive up one road, a straight shot that takes 10 minutes. There is no shoulder and no place to really stop to take a picture. So I just stuck up my camera and snapped, lol. This was the result.

Barns, pastures, and frost:

At first, I almost deleted this photo. But I looked at the side mirror and decided I liked the contrast of the frost in front and the rising sun in the rear as reflected in the mirror. It was a golden, reddish sunrise that day. Pretty.

The fields and woods across from my school

The sun reflected against the bricks of the adjoining High School with frost on the ground

My school. On Tuesday there was a stiff wind storm and a large and colorful patio umbrella blew in and rolled around on the football field. On Thursday, a frost grew underneath it.

The ground fog is lifting as the sun rises
I love where I live!

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