Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Poky Little Egg Hunt

The beginning of the egg hunt:

The end of the egg hunt:

I am all for kids having fun, and I had fun the day I took these shots for the Athens Banner Herald. I mean, look at those precious babies in the photos! So sweet.

I recall my own Easters. My mother did take great care to create special Easter baskets each year. She delighted in stocking them with our favorite candies, and a sweet stuffed animal or two. She loved making them look pretty. I appreciated the baskets and the lengths she went to on our behalf.

The Easter Egg Hunts...not so much a fond memory.  Actually, I hated the Easter Egg Hunts. I am not athletic, see. I am slow. I contemplate actions before taking them. I am not competitive. When I was a child, I stressed easily. I like peace and quiet, a tree perhaps, to recline under and read "The Poky Little Puppy." I could really relate to the Poky Little Puppy.

But the Egg Hunt is filled with tension as the kids line up. There's high competitiveness. Me, a slow mover, always got creamed at the start. I was run over, tripped, or just fell due to clumsiness. I always got to where the eggs just were. While everyone was screaming in giddy glee, I was crushed at the one or two measly eggs rolling around in my basket. The whole egg thing was torture, and embarrassment. It was not fun.

Well. Ahem. I'm over all that now, and I have the privilege of working with children in our church. This week I got to share with them the real meaning of Easter. I read to them directly from the bible, the story from Matthew. I got to explain to them the wonder of resurrection. I shared the glory of salvation through Jesus. I never got an egg treasure on one of those Egg Hunts, but I brought the true meaning of Easter alive to a room full of 7 year olds. Now that's the treasure I was looking for all along!

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