Monday, April 25, 2011

Peeps On A Stick, the newest culinary creation

I had a lovely dinner of spinach lasagna, light salad of Boston lettuce and vine ripe tomatoes, and fresh strawberries with whipped cream. And lest you think me too fru-fru, I am now eating PEEPS ON A STICK! booo-yah!

Peeps on a Stick, for those who do not know,are the famous marshmallow Peeps, but arranged on a stick, likely so that more can be consumed at once. Yes, I am a Peeps fan, and I follow the Washington Post annual Peep Show Diorama. This year's winner was: "Chilean CoPeepapo Mine Rescue"
"This year's winning diorama, which depicts the dramatic rescue of 33 mine workers in Copiapo, Chile, last October, is the work of Mary Jo Ondrejka from Reston; Bryn Metzdorf from Fairfax; and Margaret Hartka from Parkton, Md. A Peep version of miner Ariel Ticona meets his newborn daughter for the first time, while Peep Johnny Barrios Rojas is greeted by both his wife and mistress."

Check out the other entries, always a blast to look at the fun and creativity.

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