Friday, April 01, 2011

But son, I had a dream...

So, my friends in Maine got a dose of April Fools...a heavy snowstorm!! I am so glad I moved to Georgia. I feel for those guys. By April you're really sick of winter. I mean, it's been going on since October! Here's what it looked like this morning up there.

This is what I awoke to:

I had a good day. I cleaned the apartment, and it looks good. I like it when it looks good in here. I went grocery shopping, and got more strawberries, among other things. I'm on my third tray of strawberries this week. Can you tell I love them?!

While I was walking across the parking lot a mom had taken her three year old out of the car and as she walked up to the carts his little face peeked out over her shoulder. He waved at me and smiled. You know how kids do that...they look straight at you, guileless, unabashed. He smiled while looking straight into my eyes, and he waved or the longest time. I looked back and waved at him and his smile broadened. What a nice way to walk into a store.

It wasn't crowded and I enjoyed picking up the few things I needed. At the checkout, there was another mom with a child about the same age, maybe slightly younger. He was obedient but since he was a kid the moment she put him down he started touching everything, the candy, the register at the next station over, the things on the floor. By that time she had gotten the money out of her wallet and picked him up again. She was telling the checkout lady that she has 6 kids under the age of ten, all boys. "The Lord didn't bless me with girls, but I love every one of them very much." The boy was noodling around with her ring of car keys, lost in play. After a pause she laughed and said, "As the only woman at my house it's like I'm Cinderella in my castle!"

The boy immediately perked up, looked at her and shouted, "Bwaaah! Mom, you don't have a castle!"

I burst out laughing. Kids. You can't even have a pretend dream, before they puncture it with pure pragmatism, lol.

With new neighbors, one of the goals for this week was to purchase and then install curtains. The purchase was a major ordeal because I hate curtains and also because I hate spending money. Installing them was an ordeal because I don't have a stool to step on and I have to tiptoe on tottery things like stack of books or a tippy folding chair. Accident waiting to happen.

My windows are big but half of the light is obscured because of the old fashioned metal awnings. I hated to lose more light. I also didn't want to weigh down the room with more fabric. It's small enough as it is.

I was satisfied with getting two long white cotton curtains with loops on top. I got a third curtain of sand color in a kind of silk nylon. After much huffing and curtain rods falling on my head, missed threaded loops...I finally got them up and they look pretty good.

My cats are sleeping on the couch on the freshly laundered throw, and someone next door is cutting the grass in the sunset evening. It's windy and cool, which is great because humid and warm in spring in Georgia means thunderstorms and tornadoes. It is a nice evening and I plan to study for the Faith Group meeting on Sunday. I can only count this evening and tomorrow as the remaining free days of vacation, and it sure has been a great one.

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